Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Garlic Naan Bread.

It is just too good. Dinner tonight started the usual way, with my whining and the following conversation....

Him:"Babe, what do you want for dinner tonight?" Me: "I'm hungryyyyyyyy...." Him: "Yes babe, that's why I'm asking, what do you want?" Me: "I don't knowwwwwwwwww" Him: "Okay, we're having pizza." Me: "Nooooooooooooooo I want Thaiii food, or perhaps some Indian?" Him: "Let's go."

And cut to an image of me at the kitchen bench, garlic naan bread and containers of chicken korma spread across the bench like the lavish feast it was!

So ridiculously delicious. You could taste the authenticity in it! It's times like these when I love living in Dandenong, with Little India round the corner and Afghan Bazaar down the street.

Anyways, I haven't posted in a while (not that anyone would notice hehe) since the school term has started and it's back to lesson plans and photocopying and emailing and printing and teaching!

Wearing velvet dress, new shirt from tiny op-shop in Oakleigh and new lippie.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

kiss me out of desire babe, and not consolation

I reward myself with clothes. Clothes and outfits. For example, if I am anticipating a particularly tough day at work, with yard duty and meetings and no breaks, I'll make sure to wear something that makes me smile, despite the sidelong glances from the Year 7 kids. Once, I wore a black tutu. Yes, tutu! It was however, suitably conservative-ised with a sensible shirt and leggings, but that's just an example of how I'll wear things to make myself feel good and not give a hoot for what people think.
One brazen little girl in Year 7 had the balls to say "um, Miss? You know those pants? Um.......they're really weird." My response? "Why thank-you!"

Okay, so, since Friday was the last day of term and all, it was the perfect excuse for another outfit reward. After all, I had survived my first term as a bona fide teacher so thought I'd wear my new shoes to celebrate. Aside from the numerous widening of the eyes, they elicited some approving comments and were ridiculously comfortable! I paired them with my new pants that were the perfect length to show them off. The blouse is too pretty, don't you think? Wasn't able to wear the peach blazer since Melbourne weather went mental again....sweaty-hot in the morning before a downpour in the afternoon.

shoes: Aldo, blouse: Salvos, blazer: Salvos, button: old shirt.

Old & New

Old: Dress is technically old after being in the wardrobe for over a week and still unworn! Might debut it tonight...... Out of 6 photos, this was the only one that I didn't look seven months pregnant in. Excuse the contorted face since my obliging husband couldn't help but make fun of my try-hard America's Next Top Model "high-fashion" poses, where I apparently looked like I was doing a 'strongman' pose......(you know, slightly doubled over forwards, arms on hips, elbows out) and I just cracked up laughing!
New: Ring from Dandenong Market......who knew you could find a sterling silver gorgeous ring in amongst all the illegal DVD's, thermal underwear, battery-operated dolls and cheese. I sure didn't!

I also hate my fingers, they're so chubby and freckly so pardon the off centre and blurry photo!

Meanwhile, went out for dinner and movies last night and forgot how much fun could be had in front of those carnival mirrors. I was in tears and stitches for over 10 minutes at the sight of our stumpy little legs, and was positively crying when we started doing a jig with our stubby little feet and nodding our abnormally-large heads. For your viewing pleasure: