Wednesday, January 13, 2010

45 degrees and style = very hard to do

Ugh. I hate summer! I know, I know, I hear the gasps of disbelief but I'm sorry, it does not encourage outfit creativity in me, and that alone is enough to make me shake my fists at the blazing sun!
Although I will qualify that by saying I do love those balmy summer nights at the beach or strolling around with friends at a cafe districts in the warm breeze, but in general, Melbourne's extreme heat at this time of year equals unoriginal and boring outfits. Give me winter any day, where the layers can be as simple or complex as you wish, but not summer, where anything more than a loose, short dress or singlet and shorts is too much. Not to mention the hair!
Is it just me, or does summer also equal boring ponytails or quick buns on top of the head?
I have so many pieces in my wardrobe that do not lend themselves to above 35 degree heat, and perhaps I should seek to rectify that in future. Hrm. Food for thought.

On another note, I recently (at Christmas?) bought the cutest little floral bustier.....loves it! However, talk about a cleavage alert! I can't wait for winter to be able to layer on top of some singlets ala Fashion Toast. Sorry about the crap photo where you can't actually see the bustier, all other photos were much too 'busty'...ha. ha. ha

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Mystery girl from The Sart's blog
Sophia Loren

Sophia Loren

Isabella Rossellini

Ingrid Bergman

Sunday, January 3, 2010

First post 2010

Life in this new decade, in the realm of fashion anyway, is off to an auspicious and blessed start because I have acquired today some lovely earrings, shoes, and leather jacket, all for under $30! I need to stock up somethin' serious because once I'm back at work, I just know that early Sunday mornings such as today will be unthinkable. Despite having had a late night, I awoke at the crack of dawn to head off to Camberwell market with sister dearest and walked away much poorer in money, yet richer in possessions. Sister and I also saw the most amazing shoes today....stacked platform, navy blue, PVC, and cut out at the back. My description just doesn't do them justice.
Meanwhile, ever since seeing them on another blog, I am dying for a pair of nude Gorman clogs....sounds 'ugh' but just divine! I am pretty sure they would match every single item in my wardrobe.
Enough of this banter, photo time!

Last night

Unashamed poser
Love them!
Perhaps ugly to some, but insanely comfortable and they're not black! I like the edge they give most outfits, I love me some contrast.
Cute earrings