Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Velvet Underground

It seems that I have developed some kind of fetish/obsession with all things velvet! In the past month, whilst scouring the racks at assorted Savers/Salvo's/Vinnie's stores, my heart has done little leaps of joy everytime I stumble across anything velvet......
Those little leaps turn to somersaults when the velvet item is black and in the form of a dress!

I now have a pair of velvet leggings, two black velvet dresses (one I call my vixen dress since it's so tight and short) all acquired within the last month and am now on the lookout for a velvet blazer.It's such a luxurious fabric and just know it will be perfect for winter...
The dress looks quite bland hanging there, but is such a perfect fit! The velvet is a little bit stretchy thus making the dress not just fit perfectly, but also ridiculously comfortable.
The other 'vixen' dress is sleeveless and much tighter in fit, so waiting to shed a few kilos before I whip that one out.

The second item I'm loving lately is this creamy white something....I have no idea what to call it!
Is it a jacket? A shirt? A combination shacket? Either way, I like the little detail of the feathery cut-outs and the luminous, billowy quality....

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Birthday Bonanza

So the event calendar was full for Saturday night as I had not one, but two birthday parties on at the same time...despite the fact that they were opposite ends of suburbia, I dragged my sister along, and my gorgeous friend Mel drove us to and fro. It was also another occasion for me to show off my new shoes, yay! The first party was rockin' due to the stunning view from the vernandah over a valley, complete with fairy lights, bbq, and a jumping castle no less! Too much fun.
My sister is wearing a gorgeous Patricia Field for Myer wrap and the other hottie is the driver for the night, Mel.

Second party was themed 'reggae' and we all had to wear one of the Rasta colours; green, yellow or red. I landed 'red' so off I went to Savers to get me a cheap, red, party dress.

No luck in the dress department, but found a hideous/awesome (can't make up my mind) jacket contraption that I ended up wearing. Meanwhile, Savers was absolutely chock-a-block full of young indie-types, middle aged mama's and the general bargain hunters....I shouldn't be surprised considering we are smack bang in the middle of a global recession!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sorry for this flurry of posts but my gorgeous husband just helped me take my first official 'fashion' pics.....I'm such an amateur but oh well! It's just a bit of fun and although I don't smile much, I honestly don't take myself seriously....

Now for the shoes, they're from Aldo! Worked there for 2 months before starting teaching and they always have shoes that stand out, as well as the usual 8-inch heels and platforms you see elsewhere.

Gold jacket is from Savers, velvet leggings from Salvos. The thing is, the gold is starting to flake off, leaving glittery gold pieces all over myself and hubby who doesn't think its such a good look for him. But I quite like the rough detail it adds to the jacket. Only the fringed top is from a chain store, i.e Globalize. Yay for eco-friendly shopping!

Now for the photos.....gosh I look like a moron on this thing, so inept! Ah, there it is. So that's me.....my forehead and fringe anyway.

Woo hoo!

First post, first blog. No longer a blogging virgin, I am so excited! Now, if only I can get this fandangled camera to work and we are in business!