Monday, July 27, 2009

Andre King

This post is sickly sweet as I am just bragging about my husband's song-writing and recording skill......I was just listening to one of his tracks and wanted to post a link.

This song was a rough draft but it's so heart-wrenching.....he wrote it after he had a dream that I'd died (macabre I know) and I just can't believe how believable it is!

He's written so many poems since I've known him, so many for me also.

Check it out if you feel like it :)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Fall On Your Knees

The disparity between all these images and their apparent discordance gives you some insight into the way my mind works second I'm loving all things delicate and lace and 1920's grace, and the next I'm craving some 9-inch heels and all things studded and rockstar.
It also sums up my wardrobe and I swear, I think I'm slightly schizophrenic when it comes to clothing style....I can't decide whether I'm vintage lady-like or indie goth.....I want to be both and I suppose the reason I love fashion so much is the chance experiment and be whatever style I feel like, ignoring all trends and 'fashion rules'...

This dress was such a find! I went op-shopping with one goal: to find a dress to wear to a friend's wedding and this little beauty showed up! Perfect fit, albeit a little tight and so unlike anything in the shopping centres at the moment. Yay!

Fashion Toast: Love her rings. Want them all.

Sexiest heels ever. Jak and Jil blog.

Shorpy Images ....a foggy night in the 1950's. I can imagine Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman under those lights, professing their undying love

I want this hair colour!!! But I have to wait for my sister to change hers, as it's precisely this shade and we already look far too much alike for me to dye it now.

Love the 1920's finger waves. My next birthday party: 1920's Flappers.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

halfway there

So, I promised someone I would update tonight, and so updating I am. However, I know it's not a very good one and must apologise since Hubby has need of the computer since his broke down....again! Combine that with the fatigue induced by a one-hour workout and there is no way a good post is happening tonight....:( Saturday I have some free time and then photos will be uploaded.....

Thursday, July 9, 2009

out of all the souls in all the world, yours found mine

Leather jacket and 'Dorothy' dress
Dress hunting with sister....

Them be big bones!

Standing out the front of Scusami's.....the restaurant we had dinner the night Hubby proposed :)

On the way to the museum....
Out for dinner with friends....Wow, I do love my red lippie don't I?

Again, going out for dinner with mum and sister. Wearing TAV dress and leather jacket. TAV is a Cook Island design label, handmade dresses that my mother-in-law sent over. Love it!

Best twirl photo of the day!

Preparing for the twirl Southbank in the background...

So much beauty, yet so much pain.

Well, this time I've done much better than the 22 day interval! Since I last posted, so much has happened......since I last posted, school holidays began in the saddest way possible, with 3 precious lives being lost.
Hubby and I also celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary on the 5th of July. I've spent time with family and friends, watched an abundance of movies and had dinner out countless times. Basically, lived life, something that I find myself reflecting upon more and more as a result of recent events.
So much beauty, yet so much pain.

Well, our weekend away for our anniversary was pure indulgence! Two nights at The Langham on Southbank with a late checkout on our last day and, one of the best parts, room service!
I've never had room service at a hotel and this was such a treat as the hotel gave us $150 credit for our 1st anniversary, so we decided to order breakfast ..... what a luxury!
I am so blessed to live the life I am living....I know I don't deserve it, but boy am I thankful!

Our days were spent chillin' at coffee shops, lunching, shopping, even checking out Melbourne Museum which proved to be more tiring than I thought.....
I couldn't let such a milestone pass without documenting it with my trusty iPhone (who needs a digital camera?) so here are the photos from our weekend and other events along the way.......(Apologies for those who have seen these via Facebook)
OH and how could I new dress! Also, you might notice I seem to be wearing one particular jacket over and over.....that would be because I LOVE my soft, worn-in leather jacket that only cost me $30! I love pairing it with soft, feminine pieces such as my 'tea-party' skirt. On our last day in the city, I had to stop off at Retrostar and vowed I would limit myself to one small item. Perhaps a scarf, or gloves, or maybe even a bow tie! Hah! What a foolish vow when I knew very well that it would only take a glance at the perfect dress and I would be done for.
And all thoughts of scarves or gloves went out the window when I saw this sweet baby blue Dorothy dress hidden amongst all the 70's kaftans. I loved it so much, I didn't take it off after trying it on, asked them to snip off the tag and waltzed out of there with it on.
The appeal of the dress was its skirt. The perfect skirt for twirling, skipping, waltzing in :)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Shag, Eurotrash, Velour, Retrostar, Fat Helen's, Fancy Pants or something, ....

Those are the names of the all the vintage stores we visited today, my sister and I. It is, after all, school holidays and my teaching duties are suspended for 14 blissful days .....days which need, no, beg to be filled with blogging, vintage shopping and quality time with those I love.
So, after the first two days spent vegging out and catching up on Dr Phil/Oprah, today was spent making up for the inordinate amount of time spent on the couch as we walked kilometres in search of The Perfect Dress. Well, Jessica's idea of The Perfect Dress anyway! It wasn't the yellow silk Grecian-inspired dress we found at the Fitzroy store, nor the 1950's lavendar party frock at Shag, but a Gothic/grunge velvet and taffeta 80's dress we found at 5:30pm with the rain lashing down outside. Oh well, she was happy and my mission accomplished.
The mission being a)take her mind off a close friend dying and b) make her look gorgeous for her Year 11 Presentation Ball. Time for photos! Some are from a girls night out my mum, sister and I had on Saturday night.....and some from today's adventures in our beloved Melbourne. You might notice that on both occasions, I am wearing the same leather jacket. That's because I love it! I'd been searching for a short bikie leather jacket ever since seeing a photo on The Sart's blog, and was ecstatic when I found one at our local Savers. Only $30 and the softest leather ever.....I didn't bargain for the shoulder pads, but the runways are chock-a-block with strong shoulder shapes, so I've grown to love them :)

Oh, and I really want this hair colour! I'm pale enough for it......yes? no?