Monday, September 6, 2010

Lepers and tax collectors

Listened to one of my favourite speakers/preachers today, walking in the rain with my hoodie up and head down to avoid the stinging drops. Must've looked menacing at best, positively murderous at worst. I was reminded again just how much Jesus was hated (and still is) despite curing/healing lepers, raising dead girls, making paralytic men walk. So ironic. Once, after healing one of the untouchables of the day, a leper, and forgiving him of his sins, he was reprimanded by the religious leaders as to why he dared imply that he could forgive sins; they never marvelled at the miracle, but simply criticised and complained that he didn't follow their rules. He broke all their religious rules, but never once broke his own moral code. Touched lepers. Ate with sinners. Forgave adulterers. Pretty much everything he wasn't allowed to do, by the standards of the vipers, those hypocrites who called themselves 'men of God'.
The ultimate rebel.

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