Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mad Men Fever

It's been a while since I've been so addicted to any T.V. show. But the U.S hit show Mad Men isn't just any T.V show. It is a stunning recreation of history interwoven with great characters, and thus, undeniably brilliant - oh, and not just because of the exquisite stylings of Joan Holloway or Betty Draper. I've been up past midnight each night, unable to take my eyes off this show!

The characters are so well written. So much so, that I actually caught myself musing upon the possible motivations of the protagonist, Don Draper, trying to figure out what he wants, what and who he truly loves. I never usually give any other T.V character a second thought. It's one of those shows where the characters are never black and white, constantly evolving and keep you guessing. Much like real people, I guess.

I'll leave that thought for another post, but this show is having such an effect, that I am subconsciously trying to emulate some of the oufits I've been drooling over, considering what I wore to work today. It seems as if I'm trying (and failing) to be Joan Harris (nee Holloway) without even realising it! I've got on a mustard yellow pencil skirt, that happens to echo the silhouette of the 60's, perhaps because the length is a more flattering (just past my knees) as below. I threw on the scarf at the last second, and it gave the outfit a more 'Joan' feel. All the compliments have me feelin' pretty good, to be honest!

Yours truly.
Christina Hendricks as Joan Holloway/Harris. It saddens me that there's been so much fuss made in the media about Christina Hendricks' casting and her body shape and size, since it shouldn't be such a 'news item' that a beautiful woman happens to be a size 14 (AU). That is the Australian average size. She is by far the 'hottest' on the show, outshining Betty Draper with her curves and voluptuousness, which is such a relief for millions of women who can see that our current obsession with 'skinny' is just that; current. Only a few decades ago, the current 'perfect' body type would have been viewed as sickly. As long as you're healthy and feel comfortable in your clothes, no one particular size should be vilified or glorified.

January Jones as Mrs. Betty Draper


  1. I love it! Yellow can be difficult to pull off but you look fab, as usual! nice scarf too. are you still brunette?


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