Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Kia Orana

Six more days until I am flying over the Pacific Ocean towards my husband's homeland, the breathtakingly beautiful Rarotonga. (The Cook Island's main island). My excitement and impatience is fuelled by my memories of our trip in my uni days, when we lived for two months surrounded by paradise, I was nineteen, carefree and we were so in love. We still are. More than ever before. I am not so carefree perhaps, but while I am there, I will be.

And this time we have a little bungalow all to ourselves, that our big-hearted in-laws are opening up for us to stay in. And we're married. And I have feasts and ocean and sand and luncheons and parties and celebrations to look forward to, all drenched in that glittering sun that hovers above the clear water and white sand.

Sometimes I look at my life and don't know why I have so much. So much love, comfort, peace in my life, so much of everything; and others have nothing. All I can comfort myself with is that I don't deserve it, no-one really does, and so the burden of earning it all is eased off my shoulders for those few minutes that I remind myself.

And then the mists of worry begin to take over and taunt with their questions of "Do you really think this will last? Enjoy it while you can, because one day in your near future you will have a plate full of sorrow and misery and you will be laden with all the grief you missed in your youth."

Tell me I'm crazy.


  1. All I can say is enjoy your holiday!! You are a rare one, someone who really appreciates and acknowledges their good fortune. Also who says your happiness is the prelude to "plate full of sorrow and misery and you will be laden with all the grief you missed in your youth" Boo to them!

  2. Thank you Mohiene :) Boo to them indeed, missing your face around here today! xoxox

  3. There is no plate of sorrow that you will be forced to eat from, but from time to time, you are offered a spoonful just to remind you that everything else you eat if full of wonder and love.

    Never wait for the happiness to end. Enjoy your holiday - it really sounds devine.

  4. Your words ring quite true Chris. Maybe the morbid Slavic in me is rising up for some odd reason :)

    I will squeeze every last drop out of the days to come!


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