Sunday, February 26, 2012

Here I am

Here I am
Back stuffed
Husband mad
Table broken
Door locked
Sunday blues ahead
There she is
At the airport
Off to Africa
Saving the world
Not a worry or a care
Who's got it better?
Me, married, tied down, job, ordinary arguments and dishes to do
She, single, unfettered, flying off to exotic lands to change the world

Whose life is more significant? I want to say hers is because I'm in self pity mode. Yet underneath my self pity I have to acknowledge that neither is more than the other.
Should we all be married? No. Should we all drop everything and leave it behind for the poor and the naked?
Yes. But there are those who are poor in love and naked in their pain right here who need someone too. And they are often right in the midst of our ordinary lives, among the dishes and appointments, the arguments and Sunday night blues.
The excitement of leaving it all behind, the adventure and adrenaline rush of flying off is so tempting for me. And seems the better, more exciting option.
And yet, I haven't been called to be Jesus' hands and feet just when it is fun. I have to do it also when I am sick of it all and craving what's on the other side of the fence. And I must see the lie for what it is; a deception that says everything BUT what I have right now is better and more fulfilling because I'm here at this moment of my life for a reason.

We cannot all possibly be the young, single, carefree girl flying to Africa to salve and heal and save the needy. But we must all be our true Selves in Him, in what we are living already; whether it be motherhood or singleness or marriage or career or divorce or none of the above. If this right now doesn't matter, then nothing matters. But if this right here, this ordinary life can be caught aflame, then it all matters.
All is grace.

Am I a fool? Does it all matter? Or just the exciting lives others seem to lead?

Tell me what you think - and why we shouldn't fall for the "Everything else is better than what you have" lie.


  1. Don't fall for the lie becasue then you can't see the beauty in what you've got and that would be to say that what you have the most faith in is misguided and wrong. If you really want you could go to Africa one day, or just stay in Australia and work with misguided youth whose whole culture and upbringing is so far removed from an understanding of the wealth in an education it's not funny. See - everyone is needed somewhere, and maybe you'll do amazing, great and inspiring things there, and teach a child, who will then go on to university, who will then go on to cure some great disease like AIDS - and that will help Africa, and the whole world too. You gotta clean up your own backyard before you can save the world :)

  2. Who are you, Anonymous? That's so very true and thanks so much for reminding me. I know all that deep down, but sometimes it gets buried in all the envy and coveting :)

  3. Lucie! I love this post! I can feel the same....quite often actually. Thanks for this. I need to open my eyes to the lie when I do feel like this!

    Oh and im glad u have a blog. i was going to suggest u make one coz u have amazing outfits...but u love that u also put things like this up :D I also have a fashion, beauty lifestyle type of blog too :)

    Xox Veronica

  4. Oh Vero, thanks so much for commenting - I'm so glad this spoke to you somehow. Checking your blog right now! xoxxo

  5. Ask God to help you rid yourself of your envying and coveting. He loves you, and you are of immeasurable worth to him. Your life is important, it's how you address what you have been given that makes you stronger. Don't waste it comparing it to others. That girl that flys off, it is the same for her. There is a time and a season for everything. Yours is what you have right now! Be grateful, He wants us to be happy. Lose yourself in helping those around you. It works!


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