Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sorry for this flurry of posts but my gorgeous husband just helped me take my first official 'fashion' pics.....I'm such an amateur but oh well! It's just a bit of fun and although I don't smile much, I honestly don't take myself seriously....

Now for the shoes, they're from Aldo! Worked there for 2 months before starting teaching and they always have shoes that stand out, as well as the usual 8-inch heels and platforms you see elsewhere.

Gold jacket is from Savers, velvet leggings from Salvos. The thing is, the gold is starting to flake off, leaving glittery gold pieces all over myself and hubby who doesn't think its such a good look for him. But I quite like the rough detail it adds to the jacket. Only the fringed top is from a chain store, i.e Globalize. Yay for eco-friendly shopping!


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