Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Velvet Underground

It seems that I have developed some kind of fetish/obsession with all things velvet! In the past month, whilst scouring the racks at assorted Savers/Salvo's/Vinnie's stores, my heart has done little leaps of joy everytime I stumble across anything velvet......
Those little leaps turn to somersaults when the velvet item is black and in the form of a dress!

I now have a pair of velvet leggings, two black velvet dresses (one I call my vixen dress since it's so tight and short) all acquired within the last month and am now on the lookout for a velvet blazer.It's such a luxurious fabric and just know it will be perfect for winter...
The dress looks quite bland hanging there, but is such a perfect fit! The velvet is a little bit stretchy thus making the dress not just fit perfectly, but also ridiculously comfortable.
The other 'vixen' dress is sleeveless and much tighter in fit, so waiting to shed a few kilos before I whip that one out.

The second item I'm loving lately is this creamy white something....I have no idea what to call it!
Is it a jacket? A shirt? A combination shacket? Either way, I like the little detail of the feathery cut-outs and the luminous, billowy quality....


  1. ooh velvet is one of those fabrics I've always been scared of! I think I need to branch out. will keep my eyes peeled for the vixen dress!

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  3. Yay! My first official comment by someone other than husband/relative....thanks Emi! I used to be scared of this fabric also, but black is so much easier to handle than crushed maroon velvet :)


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