Monday, June 1, 2009

sempiternal and suspended in time

gorgeous hubby...

A promise is a promise and I promised I would update!
The past weekend proved to be a wonderful date-filled two days with hubby as he went in search of the elusive New Era hats he so loves and I scored a trip into my beloved city as a result......I can only liken the obsession with hats for him to my need to op-shop.

The night before we watched Observe & Report with Seth Rogen.....he reminded me SO much of one of my students....quite creepy the similarities! Another one of those hilarious-yet-so-wrong movies.

Then the next day trekked into lovely Melbourne to find Kickz101, a store that stocks basketball gear and the like to look for his hat. Alas, no sizes for him so he went home empty-handed :(

But not I! No, I found my dream store, Retrostar.
It was just mouthwatering. The choice, the overwhelming choice! Shoes, bags, bowties, dresses, jackets, hats and so on and on and on. Every inch of wall and rack was covered with genuine vintage dresses from the 60's onwards and I had to pick one, just the one dress. Imagine the sheer willpower it took to walk out with just that one item (as the pricing is far above my usual $5 items at the op-shop)..

I walked out with one pleated pretty dress and cream dancing shoes in my size! (which are rare I tell you, vintage shoes usually cater for petite feet only)

I have a love-hate relationship with stores that sell 'vintage' or 'retro' gear. On the one hand, I love the simplicity of finding all things that I love in the one place and the ease with which I find what I want in a matter of seconds. But it is this ease that doesn't sit right with me either as I love op-shops because it is hard work finding treasure in amongst all the trash!

It takes patience, resourcefulness and a keen eye to find a gem among all the late 1990's fluro t-shirts.
So Retrostar, I love you for having all my dream clothes in the one location, but hate you for being such a cop-out!

The day ended with a lovely lunch for me, a not-so-lovely lunch for him and a parade of angry Indian students who decided to go on a protest at that moment! I'd probably do the same and hated hearing all the racist comments around us when they started marching......I felt like yelling "You've just proven their point, well done, you uneducated redneck!"...

on that note, adieu.
P.S. I was wearing black slacks, brown old-man shoes, grey shaggy coat and lacy blouse all from various Salvos or Savers stores..


  1. Such a glorious post, so Melbourne I loved it. Please put a pic up of your new outfit.

  2. I'm so glad you got that feel from it...I love Melbourne! And I promise to do the new outfit...and I always deliver (albeit a bit late :)

  3. yay for an update! I was in the city on friday afternoon, it was bliss! can't wait to see what you bought.


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