Sunday, July 10, 2011

Bursts of inspiration

The sacred, the divine, the life-force is going on about us all through our ordinary and seemingly mundane days. But don't expect it to simply overwhelm you without your first seeking it. Like the waves that lap incessantly at the shore, you will not feel the waters touch until you physically place your feet at the edge of the sand. And all the while, there are others, multitudinous others who have been frolicking and splashing there since before you were born. It laps, abounds, reverberates all about us, while we smoke and dance and pray and is there all the while. He is there all the while. Step into it.

When we desecrate or seek to be 'sacrilegious', we are actually acknowledging and extending the power of the very sacred thing you wish to defile. By trying to be offensive or taboo, you simply join the eternal orchestra that cries and points to something transcendentally beautiful and wholly Other. It would not be shocking or effective if the thing being mocked wasn't universally seen as holy or sacred.

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