Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Food, friends, sisters, brothers.

Here are some more photos from a few weekends' worth of birthday parties, dinners and op-shopping adventures. Enjoy!

Hubby's 24th dinner party...wearing my Prince jacket. Although I did get the "You look like a witch!" more than Prince. I put it down the all black clothes underneath.
Sis and her gorgeous pantsuit. Heavy fabric with pleating in the legs. Love!
Again, sister with her blue shift dress. Not as bright in real life, more a subdued navy, but still love the sleeves.

Her designer dress, can't remember by who, but Jen Hawkins wore the same dress in an ad! I told her (yes, taking credit), to pair it with her ripped stockings and tough lookin' boots for a nice contrast.
My shaggy coat that's not quite fur but really dresses up any outfit. Wore it with black skirt and sparkly cropped top with fluted sleeves.

Friend's 21st. Wore this dress (from Forever New) to my hen's night and putting it on, forgot how short it was! Oh well, ,my hen's at Copacabana deserved a short, flirty dress.

Love my stone-washed Westco jacket. Hubby hates it! muahahaha
My brother and I and the sparkly top I wore under that shaggy coat.
This dress, I bought because my sister loved it. I like it in theory, but not so much on me, if you know what I mean? I feel so very frumpy in it, but Jess loved the cute sleeves and opening down the front. I just feel fat in it!
Do you like? When would I wear it?

There are still more photos, but I am wasting time at work and feel guilty now. Must mark those essays!


  1. yes ! thankyou Chris, i think it is amazing, she just doesn't see real beauty haha

  2. I agree on the last dress, it's fab! you're so outnumbered!! and your sis looks better than jennifer hawkins :)

    nice blush too! ;)

  3. okay, you all win, I like the last dress :)
    Jess, Em is makeup queen & a pro with blush so that's a true compliment!


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