Sunday, May 10, 2009

Liar, liar, my pants are on fire....?

So sorry to lie to you all about updating today......LOL (all 4 of you lovely people) the time I actually found the cord and not just 'knew where it was', it became too late to upload all the fun photos my sis and I took because the camera died!! argh!

I'll just quickly list all the yummy stuff I found yesterday at Savers before I run off to get ready for church...
1. Crushed velvet purple coat ala Prince in his heyday
2. black and white dress, very sophisticated look about it
3. simple black sheath dress with a thigh split...oo la la!
4. 50/60's lookin navy blue polka dot high-necked dress. Not in love with it, but sister said it was lovely :)

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  1. I came here expecting to see pics of the velvet coat. LOL about the liar, liar, but glad you updated :)

    Please pics soon xoxox


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