Sunday, August 9, 2009

Nineteen Eighty Four...or thereabouts

So for the past two Saturdays I have been gettin' down to the sounds of the 80's, courtesy of not one, but two (!) 80's themed birthday parties. The first was my brothers 21st and the second a friend's 80's hip hop party last night.

Life is too short to not be enjoyed thoroughly, so both parties saw me on the dancefloor for hours at a time!
Hubby DJ'ed at both parties as he now has his own speakers and gear and although I might be slightly biased, he is so good! He knows just how to work a crowd and knows when it's time to change up the songs or keep it going.

On another note, I am SUCH a bad blogger. I am terrible! I think it's because of my tendency to psych myself out of doing things by making them bigger and harder to do in my head. I kinda think to myself "Well, if I'm not going to do it properly, I might as well not update now as it will just be a boring update." Sorry.


  1. Ok I won't comment on the 'bad blogger' line ... but I loved the pics. What an awesome life you lead :)

    You looked so cool, even with the bug eyed specs

  2. love it!! you're totally rocking that parachute jacket :D


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