Monday, July 27, 2009

Andre King

This post is sickly sweet as I am just bragging about my husband's song-writing and recording skill......I was just listening to one of his tracks and wanted to post a link.

This song was a rough draft but it's so heart-wrenching.....he wrote it after he had a dream that I'd died (macabre I know) and I just can't believe how believable it is!

He's written so many poems since I've known him, so many for me also.

Check it out if you feel like it :)


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  2. Hmmmmmm a question for you - why aren't you following his blog? True he has been a little slack and not been there for a bit, but he should.

    Andre King - I LOVED it. I ♥ the beat the harmonious element with the female voice and really liked how it was delivered. I know that it was a 'draft' and the vocals were a bit hard to hear, but I thought it was that good that I listened to it a few times. I would love to have that to listen to whenever and where-ever.

    Orbeli, you are lucky to have poems and songs written for you, the ultimate romantic gesture.


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