Monday, December 21, 2009

throw your hands in the air

I say throw your hands in the air as it's officially party season! Friday night was our work Christmas party which was an all-round great night. It was made even better when my gorgeous husband rocked up (he was DJ-ing at a Carols night) with my birthday present! I finally have a proper camera to document my life and make this blogging gig so much more having to upload to facebook first and then saving photos. ha!

Already getting a bit excited and taking photos of me mid-getting ready

The laughing man on the right is my husband. It is quite a feat to get him in any photos, let alone laughing!
Colleague and I

Oh my gosh! My new shoes! I desperately needed some new heels to complement all my vintage dresses, and I was determined to find some on my birthday. I really wanted them to be brand new, as all of the shoes I've bought at op-shops fall apart after one week. These babies were waiting for me at Wittner on Acland St, and on the sale rack too. I hesitantly asked the assistant "You wouldn't have any bigger sizes would you?", knowing that usually, if shoes are on sale, sizes are limited. But she brought out my perfect size and they were mine for like, $55 !! The platform keeps them modern, but the straps and peep-toe are perfect for my vintage look. I was over the moon! I love when you set out for a particular item and you find it...

The shoes in action. The dress is a TAV design from the Cook Islands, from husband's mother as a gift.
Getting ready for our church Christmas carols....
Love the Peter Pan-esque collar on this blouse.


  1. I love the new shoes - $55 is an absolute bargain! great pics too, nice and clear, You look stunning in the first pic- your eyes are amazing

  2. Thanks Chris.....I know right, $55 for shoes, and brand new at that! Yay, you broke my comment drought :) xo

  3. look at you and your freaking perfect eyebrows! HOT shoes.


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