Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Shag, Eurotrash, Velour, Retrostar, Fat Helen's, Fancy Pants or something, ....

Those are the names of the all the vintage stores we visited today, my sister and I. It is, after all, school holidays and my teaching duties are suspended for 14 blissful days .....days which need, no, beg to be filled with blogging, vintage shopping and quality time with those I love.
So, after the first two days spent vegging out and catching up on Dr Phil/Oprah, today was spent making up for the inordinate amount of time spent on the couch as we walked kilometres in search of The Perfect Dress. Well, Jessica's idea of The Perfect Dress anyway! It wasn't the yellow silk Grecian-inspired dress we found at the Fitzroy store, nor the 1950's lavendar party frock at Shag, but a Gothic/grunge velvet and taffeta 80's dress we found at 5:30pm with the rain lashing down outside. Oh well, she was happy and my mission accomplished.
The mission being a)take her mind off a close friend dying and b) make her look gorgeous for her Year 11 Presentation Ball. Time for photos! Some are from a girls night out my mum, sister and I had on Saturday night.....and some from today's adventures in our beloved Melbourne. You might notice that on both occasions, I am wearing the same leather jacket. That's because I love it! I'd been searching for a short bikie leather jacket ever since seeing a photo on The Sart's blog, and was ecstatic when I found one at our local Savers. Only $30 and the softest leather ever.....I didn't bargain for the shoulder pads, but the runways are chock-a-block with strong shoulder shapes, so I've grown to love them :)

Oh, and I really want this hair colour! I'm pale enough for it......yes? no?


  1. I think the colour would be very cool - just be careful that it's not a bit fluro. It will need to be a dark red tone and it will bring out the colour in your eyes.

    Love the dress - big tick from me

  2. I love Jessica's dress- it's edgy but still girly at the same time and is really flattering- hello petite waist!

    you could totally rock that hair, the only thing I'd worry about is the colour fading.


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