Sunday, July 26, 2009

Fall On Your Knees

The disparity between all these images and their apparent discordance gives you some insight into the way my mind works second I'm loving all things delicate and lace and 1920's grace, and the next I'm craving some 9-inch heels and all things studded and rockstar.
It also sums up my wardrobe and I swear, I think I'm slightly schizophrenic when it comes to clothing style....I can't decide whether I'm vintage lady-like or indie goth.....I want to be both and I suppose the reason I love fashion so much is the chance experiment and be whatever style I feel like, ignoring all trends and 'fashion rules'...

This dress was such a find! I went op-shopping with one goal: to find a dress to wear to a friend's wedding and this little beauty showed up! Perfect fit, albeit a little tight and so unlike anything in the shopping centres at the moment. Yay!

Fashion Toast: Love her rings. Want them all.

Sexiest heels ever. Jak and Jil blog.

Shorpy Images ....a foggy night in the 1950's. I can imagine Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman under those lights, professing their undying love

I want this hair colour!!! But I have to wait for my sister to change hers, as it's precisely this shade and we already look far too much alike for me to dye it now.

Love the 1920's finger waves. My next birthday party: 1920's Flappers.


  1. I love the blue dress - it's gorgeous. I'm with you on the vintage - it is so ethereal at times. It just inspires romanticism. On the other hand killer heels and an awesome punk look just can't be beaten. Just wish I knew how to do either of them.

    I think I'm a punk deep down, but every so often wish I had some vintage class ♥

  2. LOVE that blue dress.

    I love that your wardrobe allows you to be whatever you feel like on the day! no need to box yourself into a corner with your style- just different versions of Lucia!

    can't wait to see your flapper style :)

    chris you are definitely a punk deep down, no question! ♥


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