Thursday, July 9, 2009

out of all the souls in all the world, yours found mine

Leather jacket and 'Dorothy' dress
Dress hunting with sister....

Them be big bones!

Standing out the front of Scusami's.....the restaurant we had dinner the night Hubby proposed :)

On the way to the museum....
Out for dinner with friends....Wow, I do love my red lippie don't I?

Again, going out for dinner with mum and sister. Wearing TAV dress and leather jacket. TAV is a Cook Island design label, handmade dresses that my mother-in-law sent over. Love it!

Best twirl photo of the day!

Preparing for the twirl Southbank in the background...

So much beauty, yet so much pain.

Well, this time I've done much better than the 22 day interval! Since I last posted, so much has happened......since I last posted, school holidays began in the saddest way possible, with 3 precious lives being lost.
Hubby and I also celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary on the 5th of July. I've spent time with family and friends, watched an abundance of movies and had dinner out countless times. Basically, lived life, something that I find myself reflecting upon more and more as a result of recent events.
So much beauty, yet so much pain.

Well, our weekend away for our anniversary was pure indulgence! Two nights at The Langham on Southbank with a late checkout on our last day and, one of the best parts, room service!
I've never had room service at a hotel and this was such a treat as the hotel gave us $150 credit for our 1st anniversary, so we decided to order breakfast ..... what a luxury!
I am so blessed to live the life I am living....I know I don't deserve it, but boy am I thankful!

Our days were spent chillin' at coffee shops, lunching, shopping, even checking out Melbourne Museum which proved to be more tiring than I thought.....
I couldn't let such a milestone pass without documenting it with my trusty iPhone (who needs a digital camera?) so here are the photos from our weekend and other events along the way.......(Apologies for those who have seen these via Facebook)
OH and how could I new dress! Also, you might notice I seem to be wearing one particular jacket over and over.....that would be because I LOVE my soft, worn-in leather jacket that only cost me $30! I love pairing it with soft, feminine pieces such as my 'tea-party' skirt. On our last day in the city, I had to stop off at Retrostar and vowed I would limit myself to one small item. Perhaps a scarf, or gloves, or maybe even a bow tie! Hah! What a foolish vow when I knew very well that it would only take a glance at the perfect dress and I would be done for.
And all thoughts of scarves or gloves went out the window when I saw this sweet baby blue Dorothy dress hidden amongst all the 70's kaftans. I loved it so much, I didn't take it off after trying it on, asked them to snip off the tag and waltzed out of there with it on.
The appeal of the dress was its skirt. The perfect skirt for twirling, skipping, waltzing in :)


  1. Who says you don't deserve this life? Surely you do. Don't dismiss youself as undeserving, because the more you say it the more others will believe and then try to convince you of the truth in that.

    LOVE this blog. It really draws me in emotionally, as well as showing off wonderful ways to dress. I especially love the black and white together - your 'tea party' dress with the $30 jacket. Amazing look.

  2. is this the dress from today? the photos are pretty but don't do it justice!!

    lovrd the all black outfit from the night in the city- tres chic!



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